Lexington Herald Leader – Making the Details of Your Life Meaningful and Manageable

by Sunny Schlenger
Jossey-Bass. 139 pp. $14.95

Lexington Herald Leader
July 24, 2004 “If your time and space is primarily taken up with items that don’t support you in who you are today, your spirit may feel stifled and dusty,” Sunny Schlenger writes in Organizing for the Spirit. Instead of doling out advice for streamlining paperwork or organizing a sock drawer, this book instructs the reader to take a thorough inventory of all of one’s stuff and divide it into two categories: “Me” and “Not Me.” Next, the reader creates a list of “My Values,” choosing words such as “Challenge,” “Community” or “Adventure.” Finally, the reader must compare the lists. Additional exercises and suggestions help align material possessions with what’s most important in life. The goal is to take care of the responsibilities of day-to-day life while leaving room to nurture dreams that ignite one’s passion. In this book, “spirituality” involves discovering the true self, being authentic and contributing to the world.

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Have you ever experienced a day where you felt calm and relaxed no matter what was going on around you? Where you felt competent and in in control? Where no problem seems insurmountable? Do you know that you can actually live your life from this magical place called flow? Flow is the connection between what you love, what you do and what you want out of life; it’s the synthesis of your inner and outer worlds. Sunny Schlenger has been designated as a “Flow Master” and through SunCoach she shares the wisdom and humor that have enabled her to appreciate the lessons of her past and create an authentic, meaningful and rewarding present. Step inside and discover how to obtain your heart’s desire…

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